Have you two left feet? Or are your dancing shoes collecting dust? 

No matter what your dancing experience is, we will choreograph a First Dance suited to both of your abilities, with a 100% guarantee that your wedding guest's hearts will be melted. Most importantly, I hope to create a fun and special experience that not only brings you both closer but gives you something to look back on with fond memories. 

Wedding Embrace

Riana &  Peter

Hesta was amazing, very patient, supportive and so much fun.

She managed to come up with a choreography that was manageable and still interesting.  We asked her to work with a song in a foreign language that she had never heard before and she approached the matter as a complete professional. We really cannot express enough how much we enjoyed the learning process and what a great job she did! Thank you, Hesta!


ONE kiss is all it takes

Just the TWO of us

THREE times a lady

Best foot  FOURward 

I will surFIVE

You, me at  SIX  

SEVEN rings

Why don't you WRITE me

1 hr
  • Single 1 hr lesson

  • Any additional lessons to the 3+ hr packages are £40 each

2 hrs
  • For those a bit last minute...

  • Learn as many moves as you can in a 2 hr session so that you can piece a dance together yourself

3 hrs
  • Dance to half a song and finish by partying with your guests on the dance floor

  • Purchasing an additional rehearsal to polish and improve your dance technique is recommended

4 hrs
  • Dance to half a song like a PRO

  • Includes a rehearsal dedicated to  polishing your performance

5 hrs
  • Dance to a full song

  • Purchasing an additional rehearsal to polish and improve your dance technique is recommended

6 hrs
  • Dance to a full song and WOW your guests with your excellent style and technique 

  • Includes a rehearsal dedicated to polishing your performance

7 hrs
  • Dance to a full song feeling confident and comfortable with excellent style and technique

  • Learn additional dance moves in various styles so you can impress your guests all night long!

  • Choreography written out to help you practise at home


How long before the wedding should we begin our dance lessons?

I would recommend beginning your dance lessons 6 to 7 weeks before your wedding, however some couples I have worked with have started between 6 months to even 3 days before their big day!

How many lessons
do we need?

If you'd like to dance to only half a song, I have found that it takes 4 lessons to perfect a dance, and 6 lessons when dancing to a full song.

Having a lesson dedicated to dance technique and the overall performance is always what transforms a First Dance from being great to SPECTACULAR! 

Where do the lessons take place?

Provided that you can clear some space - enough for you both to hold hands with outstretched arms - I am happy to travel to your house so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home! If not, we can look into booking a dance studio in your area. Studio hire charges would cost extra.

Where in the UK
are you based?

I am based in Central Manchester (M4), but am willing to travel up to 40 miles. If you think you may live too far away, then please do not hesitate to ask me first!

How long is
each lesson?

Lessons can be either 60 or 90 minutes long - we will discuss timings when booking the sessions. 
The only exception to this is the 

Just the TWO of us

(2 hour) package, which is strictly one 2 hour lesson.

Choosing a song

Choose a song that means a lot to you two. Perhaps it reminds you of a memory, reiterates how you feel about one another, reflects who you are as a couple, or maybe it's just 'your song'. If you're really stuck, I am more than happy to offer you some suggestions. 

Can we have a say in the style of dance?

Absolutely. Before I begin to choreograph, I will send a small questionnaire on what it is that you'd like - something formal, fun or casual - as well as a gauge on your personalities! If there's a particular style you're looking for,  I am trained in ballroom, ballet, contemporary, jazz, and Bollywood.


I am happy to teach a fun dance to a small group, or film a dance for a larger group of people to learn. Please enquire about special rates for group lessons.

What to

wear for lessons

Wear something comfy that you can move in. As the big day draws nearer,

however, I suggest that you wear your wedding shoes, or something similar. 

How will the dance work in the venue?

Before I choreograph, I will ask you to tell me about the approximate shape and size of the room or dance floor, including where wedding guests will be seated or standing. 

We are total beginners and nervous about dancing

The majority of couples that I meet are beginners and are often somewhat nervous about the whole process. I always seek to create a relaxed and fun environment when teaching, and will ease into the choreography by starting with very simple steps. 

I worry that my wedding dress, shoes or outfit will be difficult to dance in

A lot of bride's dresses end up being very long or heavy, and so I am used to choreographing with this in mind. I will be contacting you in advance of choreographing so I can take this into consideration. You can practise in the shoes that you will be wearing on the day. 

My parents would like a dance too

Lessons don't necessarily need to be for the wedding couple. If parents are not in the same city, then I can create a video tutorial. 


I ask for payment to be sent before the first lesson. If you would like any additional lessons (£40 for those having completed a package)

or a written out form of the choreography (£15), then these can be bought later.

Changing or cancelling a lesson

Planning a wedding can be hectic and stressful, so I totally understand if something crops up last minute. I am able to change or cancel a single lesson free of charge with at least 48 hours notice.